Roza Calderon is a geoscientist, community organizer, and a small business owner. Roza fled her home country of El Salvador and arrived in the U.S. as a refugee at the age of two. Raised in the “All-American City” of Lincoln, CA, she planted her roots and is raising her family in Congressional District 4. Roza values hard work and understands the importance of restoring the faith in the American Dream.

She is dedicated to standing up for working, blue-collar families to secure their livelihoods. The American Dream is rooted in the ideas that every child deserves equal opportunity to excel and that individuals who work hard should have a fair shot to get ahead, no matter where they started in life.  

We are a nation united by civic values. These beliefs help build our national character and our economy. When we provide equal opportunity for all, our economy does better for everyone. 

Roza will fight for every Californian and American to make sure the American Dream is there for the next generation and many more to come.    




When people ask me where I am from, my answer is simple: I grew up here. I am a Californian. I grew up in Lincoln, named an All-America City by the National Civic League in 2006, I was a proud Fighting Zebra at Lincoln High School. There wasn't much I was not involved with; U.S. Air Force ROTC, Drama, Dance, Choir, Soccer, you name it, I was there! 

I attended Humboldt State University as a working mother, graduating after just 3 years with multiple degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geographic Information Systems, an Associates of Science in Natural Sciences, an Associates of Arts in Social Sciences, and an Associates of Science in Geography. My studies focused on geopolitical and cultural research, an endeavor that exposed me to the many complexities and dire circumstances of white, migrant, working-class Americans. 

I am a small business owner and work throughout our district as a contractor with Federal and State Agencies in Geospatial Science and Intelligence, on Environmental, Energy, Agricultural, and Defense projects. 

I have lived in this district for over 20 years and have dedicated myself to elevating my community. I founded Granite Bay Indivisible and co-founded Indivisible CA-04, which has amassed to over 20,000 members, I am proud to serve my community and nothing would make me more proud than to be able to represent my home, Congressional District 4, and its constituents in D.C.